The Perfect Taper


Here is the new highly anticipated tapering tool called “Perfect Taper”. This tapering tool is like nothing you have ever seen and it’s made in the USA.


The Perfect Taper tapering tool is like nothing you have ever seen and it’s made in the USA. This tool has the best of all worlds when it comes to tapering a wooden arrow. Made from a hard anodized aluminum and built to last. This new and innovative tool can put a point taper on your arrow in less than a half a second and even faster on the nock end. It has the amazing capability of tapering your shafting with one continuous shaving from start to finish. Finally a tool that can be run with either a drill motor or one of the new impact drivers with a snap chuck, and as a last resort it can even be used by hand if need be.

The Perfect Taper comes complete with a Nock cutter, Point cutter and three longer than normal 2 1/2″ extensions to fit the regular 5/16″, 11/32″ and 23/64″ sized shafting. The extensions give you a longer surface area along your shafting to help align your tapers with the shafting much better. The extensions are made with tight tolerances to alleviate side to side slop while making tapers. The blades are thick, heavy duty blades made from A-2 steel and hardened to a 58-62 Rockwell hardness. The blades are sharpened with CBN wheels and honed to a near mirror finish. Replacement blades are listed elsewhere on this site. Take time to watch the youTube link and see for yourself. We are confident you’ll love it!!


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