Stic-Tite Arrow Holder


Stic-Tite Arrow Holder-A new tool with an old function

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The Stic-Tite Arrow Holder is a new model arrow holder with an old style function. We built this holder to accommodate the many different sized risers found on today’s and yesterdays bows. The large size (2 1/2″) Stic-Tite fits many of the older model recurves with the deeper risers. The Medium size (2 1/4″) will fit most of the modern depth longbows and or selfbows risers.   The small sized (2″) Stic-Tite fits narrow selfbow risers and kids bows.

The Stic-Tite arrow holder is made from UV resistant urethane having a natural non-glare finish. The Stic-Tite has a pair of “pinch ears” to help open the jaws a bit while you push/slide it on your arrow. Unlike most holders, Stic-Tite can be applied freely out in front with one hand and then rotated into position and stuck in place. Remove it when your finished hunting for the year and store it until next season. No longer will your bow be cluttered up with a non-removable arrow holder all year long. The Stic-Tite utilizes industrial strength low profile Velcro. The male portion is glued onto the Stic-Tite tab with a special adhesive to give the Velcro that added adhesion for a long lasting bond that is very strong. The female or soft part of the Velcro is attached to the riser for a non-obtrusive attachment to your bow. The Stic-Tite also has a small pull tab to help with removal. Velcro can be purchased most anywhere if repairs are necessary sometime down the road.  Although the Stic-Tite works great will all wood arrows and will hold most of the narrow carbon arrows. We’re confident you’ll love the Stic-Tite Arrow holder.


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