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Above drawing by Joe Todd of Ohio.


Bringing You a Wide Selection of Archery Tools and Accessories

If you’re looking for superb, hard-to-find archery items, seek no further than Traditional Archery Products. We bring you quality archery products that you will not find anywhere else. With many years of bowhunting experience, we offer products and DVDs to discriminating traditional bowhunters or archers to help them create better arrows, super sharp broadheads, and more.

What We Offer

Scorpion Footing Jig

This patented tool is made to help you cut precise grooves in your shafting while building the footed arrow. This product is so unique that you won't find this anywhere else.

Head Dip

Keep your broadhead’s razor sharp for many years by coating them with the “Head Dip.” This product is created to seal, coat, and protect the sharp edges of your broadheads after sharpening them.

Point Brush

We provide you with a custom-made brush that will give you the best possible glue up on your points and broadheads. This product is used to clean the insides of your points, prevent glue bond failure, and get a stronger bond.

Arr-Bow Mate

Make your target practice more fun with our all-in-one arrow tube and bow holder. To keep your bows and arrow in one place, use this product as it will surely come in handy during your archery lessons.

Super Star

One of the best tools in the market, our double-bevel broadhead sharpener will help you get a razor-sharp broadhead quickly. This product weighs in at over 8 lbs. and can give you a long stroke while sharpening with 9 1/2″ long-diamond stones in three different grits (400,600,800).

Perfect Taper

Made from hard, anodized aluminum, our new tapering tool is designed to cut sharp and accurate tapers on your wood arrows. The “Perfect Taper” can surely give you the perfect nock and point taper every time you use it!


This arrow holder utilizes industry-grade Velcro that can hold your arrow securely so that it will not drop out of place.

How-To Guides

Aside from archery products, we have a wide selection of DVDs to guide you through many different aspects of traditional archery.

We know that many bowhunters do not understand how to sharpen a broadhead. Fortunately, we have a newly released DVD that will walk you through many different methods using a variety of different tools. From this DVD, you will learn how to build broadhead sharpeners in your home workshop using the same diamond stones.

Available for many years now, this top-rated DVD is perfect for those that want to build footed arrows. The contents of this DVD will explore the beauty and flight characteristics of a well-made footed arrow and teach how to make arrows that everyone will envy.

Building Sharpening Blocks DVD will teach you how to cut accurate angles on any table saw. You will learn how to flatten your lumber using only a table saw. Flat enough to give you perfect glue lines for your laminated blocks. You will learn how to cut hardened files down to any length you desire. Learn how to attach your stones/files to the blocks. Learn how to make your blocks with a bleeder slot down the center for fixed bleeder broadheads. This is the DVD your looking for if you want to make accurate sharpening blocks in any angle.


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Shipping Guidelines

Keep in mind that we are bowhunters, and many orders that come in during archery seasons may be delayed if we’re in the field. If you notice an incorrect shipping charge generated by the automatic shipping program, kindly report the issue to our staff. We will fix it immediately or send you a refund for the difference.

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