Super Star Broadhead 


This is the long stroke “SUPER STAR” BROADHEAD SHARPENER

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This is the long stroke ‘Super Star’ Broadhead Sharpener
Have you ever wondered why broadhead sharpeners are so short? We just hate the short stroke sharpeners available out there and want to offer the discriminating bowhunter a better alternative. Custom CNC milled from a aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The sharpener is 10″ long allowing you to make a full stroke with your broadheads when sharpening.

This heavy duty tool has four bays allowing you to rotate it to the next finer grit. The first bay holds a set of files for quick shaping of your new or damaged broadhead. The remaining bays hold progressively finer grit diamond stones (400 grit,600 grit, 800 grit) With only a couple of passes in each bay you will have a sharp broadhead in a hurry. The tools design holds the stones/files up off of the bench for clearance, allowing it to lay flat and stable on the bench while you work.

We apply special adhesive to all of the “Super Star” components. If sometime in the future, you find that you need to replace any of the stones or files, you can ship The “Super Star” back to us and we will install all new parts for you at the current cost of labor, parts, and shipping. (contact us through the “contact page” for pricing)

Why Is There No Bleeder?
People have asked us why there are no bleeder slots allowed in the bottom of the bays. There are very few broadheads made today with a fixed bleeder that cannot be removed and we feel that being able to sharpen your broadheads all the way to the tip is what is most important here. Usually the bleeders will need to be replaced or resharpened anyway. You can re-shape your tips afterwards on the stones/files if you prefer a rounded or tanto style tip. This is a heavy duty tool, available in 22 1/2 degree and or 25 degree angle. We personally use the 22 1/2 degree on our Magnus 4 blade heads. Some heads will require the 25 degree angle so wear on the 5 degree taper section (ferrule) of the broadhead does not occur. Please specify your angle preference in your pay-pal comment section. This is probably the last broadhead sharpener you will ever need to buy.

This is not a backpackers tool. It’s heavy duty and weighs around 8 pounds. Shipping will cost a couple dollars more to ship it.


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