Head Dip


“Head-Dip” is a great way to preserve anything that you do not want chipped or dulled after sharpening.

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Head Dip – Broadhead Dip
Have you ever opened your arrow box for the first time in the fall trying to get ready for your hunt and find that you have a bunch of broadheads in there that you’re not sure if they are sharp or not? We have too, and each time this happens we end up going over them again. We do it just to make sure that they are as sharp as they should be. You don’t have to wonder anymore when you use the Head Dip.

When you finish sharpening your broadheads, coat them with Head Dip. The next time you open your arrow box you will know they are sharp and ready to go. They will be as sharp as the day you put them away. Head Dip takes the guess work out of it.

Easy To Apply
Just heat the Head Dip with a heat gun and dip your broadheads. Head Dip seals, coats and protects the sharp edges. When you peel the dip off of your broadhead, don’t throw it away, you can drop it back in the tin and re-use it. The dip leaves a light coating of oil on the blade and prevents rust. Believe it or not, some types of Stainless steel can rust  and or corrode. We use this product on all of our broadheads and use it on our Perfect Taper tapering tool replacement blades. This is the product to use especially if your planning a hunt along the coast near salt water.
Depending on how thick of a coat you apply, each tin contains enough dip to do a dozen or more broadheads.


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