“Scorpion” Footing Tool


This is the “SCORPION” footing tool. This is a serious quality tool for the folks that want to build footed arrows.

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Anyone that is serious about building footed arrows needs to own this serious quality footing tool. Many folks, all over the USA and Europe, that wanted to build the best flying, hardest hitting arrows in the world have already purchased this footing tool. There truly is nothing on the planet like it.

This is the first arrow footing tool that is 100% adjustable in all directions. We “Hard Anodized” this patented tool to ensure a hard wearing, corrosion resistant coating to provide tool longevity. You will be able to cut dart grooves into your shafting from one to more than six inches in length. The removable, precise indexing tail gives the tool its name. The tail holds different sized, color coded collets. This tool will cut your v-grooves to within thousandths of an inch in accuracy. You will be able to turn out thousands of footed arrows using the “SCORPION” and custom blade.

This single tool will allow you to groove arrow shafting from 5/16″ all the way through to 3/8″ in diameter using the different sized collets and inserts. With each different sized shaft you use, you will also need the appropriately sized, color coded insert (included). This tool will cut precise v-grooves in your arrow shafting with either the custom saw blade that is offered here on our website or a router bit. This footing tool and saw blade are tools that will last you a lifetime. Also, resharpening is possible with the saw blade.

When using a router bit, keep in mind that the tip or point spins on its own axis and will dull, burn and or round off after a while and will need to be replaced. While the custom blade will cut perfectly for many years. The tool ships with an instructional DVD. All replacement parts are available. MADE IN THE USA.


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