Custom Footing Blade


This is a seriously heavy duty 7 1/4 inch custom blade with a 1/4″ thick body plate and thick wide carbides. This is your best choice when creating footed arrows.

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This custom footing blade is seriously heavy duty. This is a 7 1/4 inch custom blade with a 1/4″ thick body plate and thick wide carbides. The blade is made to fit all US made table saws, large or small with a 5/8 inch arbor hole. (We can change the arbor hole for 30mm European saws if needed. Contact us and we will make it fit your saw.) This is your best choice when creating footed arrows. This custom blade will last you a lifetime under normal conditions. It can also be re-sharpened at your local saw-sharpening location at little cost. We have worked very hard to provide a quality tool to cut perfect v-grooves in your arrow shafting every time. Anyone serious about building footed arrows needs this blade in their toolbox.

Although you can use a router bit to cut these v-grooves, they just won’t last. Router bits will heat up and burn the tips off of the cutter. This rounding of the tip leaves an imperfect groove on your shafting resulting in bad glue joints on your footed arrows.

This custom blade has a thick heavy-duty body and quality carbide cutters ground to perfect angles. If you cut your hardwood blanks square and cut your 90-degree kerfs down the center of the foot, this blade will give you an invisible, perfect glue-up every time on your hardwood foot. —MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Do not underestimate the danger of this tool. It can cause bodily injury just as any saw blade can. The operator of this blade is responsible for his or her own safety and must follow all safety precautions described by your owners manual provided by your saw manufacturer. Traditional Archery products is not liable for any misuse or injury that has or may occur by negligence. (blade may not be painted black as shown)


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