Dereck, our son, is an integral part of some of the products we offer. He is a plastics engineer currently working for a well-established plastics company in Kansas. Dereck makes friends wherever he travels.

He is a very likable person, and we are proud of him. A father of 3, he is a very dedicated family man.

Dereck has the right attitude about traditional bowhunting. Having access to some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, he never worries about killing the “big one.” He is at home with his longbow or selfbow, hunting one-on-one off the ground. Dereck says that some of his biggest trophies are the little bucks and good eating doe he has taken while stalking the backwoods of Kansas. Anyone that has tried his methods will certainly agree. Dereck has worn several hats over the years, such as trapper, serious fisherman, predator hunter, and like all of us, a dedicated, traditional bowhunter.

Every year, Dereck and his family attend our annual “Colorado Traditional Archers Society High Country Shoot.” Accompanying him is his wife Jinny, daughters Ember and Huntley, and his son Saxton. Yep, you read it right. His name is Saxton. Saxton will forever be tied into traditional archery by his name. They all have a grand old time shooting traditional equipment at the High Country Shoot.

Dereck has built up quite a reputation at the shoot lately. Each year, he brings out catfish that he has caught and deep-fries it for everyone who stops by our camp for a bite—the line is getting bigger each year!

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