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After many years of Bowhunting we at Traditional Archery Products want to offer the traditional archer certain, unique, hard to find items.  Many of the products here you will not find anywhere else.  You will notice a YouTube link at the bottom of several product pages where you can see first hand how well they work. We offer products to enhance your ability to create better arrows, super sharp broadheads and How to DVD’S to guide you through many different aspects of traditional archery.

The Patented “Scorpion Footing Jig” is a quality tool made to help you cut precise grooves in your shafting while building the footed arrow.  There is nothing on the planet like it.

Check out  the product called “Head Dip”.  Made to keep your broadheads razor sharp for years.

Many people are using the “Point Brush” now days. it’s a custom made brush that will give you the best possible glue up on your points and broadheads.

A product that many are excited about is a target station called the “Arr-Bow Mate” which is an arrow and bow holder in one.

We have created a double bevel broadhead sharpener that is perhaps the best sharpener you have ever seen.  The “Super Star” will help you get a razor sharp broadhead quickly. Weighing in at over 8 lbs it’s perhaps the last sharpener you will ever buy. The Super Star gives you a long stroke while sharpening  with 9 1/2″ long-diamond stones in three different grits (400,600,800).   We have an inexpensive “How To DVD” showing you how to build broadhead sharpeners in your home workshop using these same diamond stones.

We have released a new “How to” DVD titled “A Guide to Broadhead Sharpening”. There are many bowhunters out there that do not understand how to sharpen a broadhead and this DVD will walk you through many different methods using a variety of different tools. Everyone can learn something from this DVD.

The “Building the Footed Arrow” DVD has been on the market for several years now and  is a top rated “how to” DVD for those that want to build footed arrows.  Arrows that everyone will envy. Nothing beats the beauty and flight characteristics of a well made footed arrow.

“Statement T-shirts” are available for the true traditionalist that’s concerned about the technology creep in todays traditional archery.  These T-shirts are definitely going to make a statement at your next shooting event.

We have produced a new tapering tool called  the “Perfect Taper”.  Again, there is nothing on the market like it.  Check out the youTube link at the bottom of it’s respective page showing how well the tool works.

Another Product that we think you will find interesting is the new “Stic-Tite” Arrow Holder.  it’s something we think folks are really going to like when they start using it.  Go to that page under “Arrow Building”  and check it out.

If you’re a discriminating traditional bowhunter/archer and looking for quality, hard to find items , Look no more.  Stay tuned, as more great products will be coming soon. If your interested in any future sales or new products that we’re building, take time to subscribe to the “Newsletter” section and we’ll make sure you know when a sale is coming up or something new is being released.

Keep in Mind that we are Bowhunters and many orders that come in during archery seasons may be delayed if were in the field.

All products sold here are guaranteed to work as described.  If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please return it for a refund.  We accept all major credit cards through PayPal as payment.  We have added many layers of security on the website and none of your personal information will ever be used by us or any third party.  Any questions feel free to call (303-725-4183) or send an email and we will personally try and answer any questions you may have.

 If you notice an incorrect shipping charge generated by the automatic shipping program,  please contact us and we’ll get it corrected and or send you a refund for the difference.  

 Above drawing  by Joe todd of Ohio.